martes, 19 de abril de 2011

I'm here to stay.

Never gonna give you up
No matter how you treat me
Never gonna give you up
So don't you think of leaving

Girl, you treat me bad
and I know why
I've seen you running around with another guy
And you think if you hurt me that I'll go away
But, I've made up my mind that I'm here to stay

Baby, don't you understand
what you're doing to the man?

Do you see these tears
in my eyes?
Ain't no use in me lying cause I really cried
You think you're gonna take me and put me on the shelf
I'd rather die than see you with somebody else

My friends all say 
that I'm your fool
And you're using me like a carpenter uses a tool
I know their intentions are all very good
Some of them would help me if they could

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